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An organization‘s success depends on its employees

Competence, expertise, loyalty and motivation are personal success factors. They determine whether a change of employer is necessary to achieve common goals. With total respect, we advise and support highly qualified candidates in finding their optimal position in an appropriate environment. We consider it our mission to position Specialists, Executives of tomorrow, and Managers of today as experts within their discipline. We enable them to access exclusive vacancies that – without us – would remain hidden. Far in advance, we know about desirable vacancies that cannot be viewed publicly, and subsequently compare them with our network of candidates. We open up new career options and create connections between people and organizations that are ideally suited to one another. Our aim is to bring together the winning constellations that belong together. We build long-term partnerships with candidates. Our focus is as much on their interests and requirements as on those of our clients. This allows us to act collaboratively, and to move forward effectively in consultation with one another. Together we work to achieve their career objectives. Because we consistently succeed in understanding the desires and expectations of our candidates, we are capable of assigning requirement profiles faster and more exactly. As industry experts, we are able to participate in every aspect of the discussion, to find the perfect match for both candidates and companies.

We network with contacts that are not currently willing to move, establishing a trusting relationship and remaining in contact on a prospective basis. When a new vacancy shows up on our radar with the potential to appeal more closely to the interests of an individual, we remember them and get back in touch. We keep our mode of working transparent, providing communicative support through all phases of the process, and are available at all times for open and confidential dialogue. If a candidate feels motivated to make a professional change as a result of discussions with us, we provide reliable support through the entire application process – it is guaranteed that confidential documents will only be forwarded to our clients after consent is given following a personal interview, once candidates actively engage with the application process. From the first conversation to the final contract negotiation, when the intended change of employer is taking place imminently, through to the acclimatization to new responsibilities, we remain a competent contact partner. Throughout all phases, discretion is an important and guaranteed component of our service. Candidates can rely on us to protect their sensitive data. Once successfully networked and anchored in the new organization, we introduce our candidates to greater exciting challenges and renown among the ranks of experts.


How we work

Initial Contact

We contact candidates on the basis of attractive vacancies that represent the next step in their careers. In the context of an initial telephone call, we aim to learn about wishes, expectations, motivation, conditions and salary objectives. We then present the job profile.

Analysis of the Candidate Profile

After the successful initial inquiry, we respectfully review the discreetly supplied resume of the candidate before getting in touch to discuss the further procedure.


In order to determine suitability, we examine and advise the candidate personally during a competency-based interview. In the process, we get to know one another and develop a solution-oriented approach through open dialogue, where we aim to facilitate the candidate in optimally reaching their next individual career objective.


Once we determine that the prerequisites have been met, we prepare a summary report by mutual agreement with the candidate, which we make available to our client on a highly confidential basis, with the aim of motivating the two parties to meet.

Candidate Support

Our candidates typically pass through multiple rounds of interviews. As a Consultant, we are success-oriented and always at their side. We prepare for the interviews together, follow up with and support the candidate through every stage of the process.

Support beyond Placement

If our client indicates an interest, we apply our strong negotiating skills to assist the candidate through the offer phase. We tactfully support them through the stage of resigning from their old employment contract, supporting them during the onboarding phase and beyond as required.


Our key to success is our team(work)

Bettina Kremer-Beian

Managing Director

Antje Freytag

Senior Consultant since 2016

Rim Thomas

Consultant since 2017



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