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MEDDEXS seeks, identifies and secures leadership individuals and luminaries in highly innovative disciplines of the Health Care Industry via Executive Search. Our experienced Executive Search team is exceptionally effective when it comes to filling demanding vacancies with specialists and executives. At all management levels, we support companies in the Life Sciences and Health Care Industries, both nationally and internationally, in selecting the right candidates. We – a team of highly qualified and passionate consultants with valuable specialist knowledge and an extensive network – operate efficiently and conscientiously, remaining highly focused at every stage of the process.


- based on expertise and with a network rich in passionate individuals -
bringing together those who belong together

Our clients, businesses in the Health Care sector, have high expectations of their future employees. This highly innovative sector is marked by continuous ongoing development, which brings with it changes and shifting regulatory frameworks. We know about all those market developments. Talented individuals, specialists and executives, are highly sought-after target groups in this environment. The selection of personnel ultimately has a significant impact on the success of a business. We understand the interests and expectations of our clients: businesses in Medical Technology, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Veterinary Medicine and Hospitals. Likewise we are familiar with the requirements of excellently qualified individuals in the Health Care Industry. We represent the interests of both sides with tact and sensitivity, and thus recruit top talents for vacant positions.

As industry experts, we first provide our clients with exclusive market insights. We then jointly adjust the search profile to increase the chance of successfully finding the perfect match. Resumes received in confidentiality are checked with all due appreciation and attention. We critically identify profiles that have the highest probability of being a match for our clients and especially use aptitude diagnostic tools to review evaluations. MEDDEXS operates as an indicator of success and uses smart criteria to lead every search to its optimum. We pursue a holistic consulting approach that we have developed over many years. We accompany clients as well as selected candidates over long periods of time and observe their development. After a successful presentation, and far beyond the signing of an employment contract, we remain valuable contacts for both parties.

Working with MEDDEXS guarantees shorter recruiting processes focused on sustainable success and minimized risks. The risk of making the wrong choice is significantly reduced, while the probability of meeting sought-after talented individuals and securing them for the long term is maximized. Our team selects potential candidates so thoroughly that we are able to name the most motivated and highly qualified. We carefully consider personal competencies. For our clients we attract inaccessible candidates – those with the right spirit, who bring companies forward. In other words, tomorrow’s top talents.


Since our establishment we have been seeing numerous positions filled in Health Care and Life Science Companies
and candidates found through us collaborative and sustainable business relationships

Examples of successfully filled vacancies,
by discipline


We remain a partner through every phase of the recruiting process and beyond:
experienced, effective, and passionately committed

From a thorough briefing and our exclusive research and analysis process, through the first interview phase and the presentation, we support our clients and candidates in equal measure. Our work is competent, reliable and successful as we guide them through all stages of the process, including the job offer and contract negotiation. We consistently provide direct and dependable support to both the companies involved and the candidates. As personal contacts, we remain available even after the successful onboarding.


How we work


The client receives current information about the market. During the discussion we provide advice, and coordinate details while developing a search profile to maximize probability of success. Together we define the approach to be taken in the form of a carefully considered list of target companies, which we define before our research and analysis process begins.

Research & Analysis

Selected search channels and our own network are used to generate profiles. Potential candidates are contacted, interviewed by telephone for initial prequalification, compared with the search criteria to systematically determine possible suitability and are inquired about their willingness to change. We can perform additional aptitude diagnostics upon request.


If the assessment of a candidate shows enough matches to strongly suggest suitability, they are invited to a personal interview in order to acquire better knowledge about criteria such as qualifications, experience, motivation, willingness to change, expectations and requirements.


If an assessment confirms that a candidate has the required professional and personal skills, the client receives the original resume and a confidential evaluation report as a valuable decision-making basis before meeting the candidate in person.


We provide our clients with judicious support in the subsequent interviews with the candidates, in order to ensure the selection process is never subject to uncertainties. When it comes to the sensitive stages of making an offer and negotiating a contract, we handle these with the utmost tact and demonstrate negotiating skills.

Satisfaction Measurement

After successfully filling the vacancy, during the onboarding process and before the end of the probationary period, we evaluate the satisfaction of our client and the successfully placed candidate. We continue to be a confidential point of contact for both parties.


Our key to success is our team(work)

Bettina Kremer-Beian

Managing Director

Bettina Kremer-Beian founded MEDDEXS International after she achieved her own career objectives early on in the Health Care sector. Today she is filled with enthusiasm as she supports clients in filling international Management positions, and is responsible for the entire core business. Immediately after her studies, she acquired her first experience in the recruiting department of a major German Pharmaceutical company. Soon after, she was already decisively involved in successfully establishing the “Talent Acquisition” department of an American Medical Technology corporation. With a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience, she subsequently worked as a Consultant for an international Executive Search consultancy. Within a few years, she had established herself as the highly motivated and committed Head of “Executive Search Medical Technology” department. With great passion, she founded MEDDEXS International in 2015, pooling her cumulative expertise and her great network specializing in Health Care and Life Sciences. Her profession has become her vocation.

We offer an integrated range of consulting services, generating added value for our client at every stage.

Our own service profile is characterized by the utmost care, a culture of high values, and intense quality awareness for everything from market research to selection processes. This is how we work together as a team and we apply these principles to our partnership with our clients.

Antje Freytag

Senior Consultant

Antje Freytag’s own career took her through top positions across different specialisms in medicine. With her extensive network, in-depth industry competence and 30 years of professional experience in the medical sector, the shift to the Executive Search field came naturally. She was excited to take up this new challenge. Knowledge of human nature and enthusiasm for finding the right Specialists and Executives, inspiring them and bringing them together with the right companies in the Health Care and Life Science Industries are matters close to her heart. Respectful working and the associated business success are her top priorities. For her, the best possible advice translates into successful, long-term results.

We want to make it possible for our clients to acquire nothing less than the best placement.

The skill we have to offer in terms of knowledge and experience is unparalleled, making us an indispensable success factor and all-round partner for companies in the Health Care and Life Sciences sectors. Sustainably occupying top positions fills us with the same elation companies enjoy when they find the ideal candidate for key positions. We love this success, and that is why we are always consistent in what we do, always treat clients and candidates as partners, and tirelessly work towards our shared success.

Rim Thomas

Senior Consultant

Rim Thomas supports clients in filling and evaluating Management positions as well as selected Specialist functions in international settings, coming from a background in law and displaying astonishing intuition and analytical accuracy. Her foresighted mode of working invariably prevents relevant details from being underestimated. Through a goal-oriented, structured approach, she quickly acquires specific insight into the expectations of our clients. She meets the trust the candidate places in us with absolute respect. She considers it a privilege to accompany candidates from the initial approach to the signing of a contract.

We connect companies with excellent talents of tomorrow.

We have always been motivated by the experience of meeting our own toughest requirements in the interests of the clients and candidates. Our mission is to create links that generate the maximum profits for our clients. Loyalty, attention to detail, and respectful partnership are in our DNA. In a word? … we are a success factor, fulfilling recruitment objectives faster, better, and sustainably.

Stephanie Köstner


Stephanie Köstner, a studied business economist, enhances the MEDDEXS team with 25 years of qualified experience in relevant corporate sectors. Her broad expertise allows her to seamlessly integrate into various business environments of her clients to provide tailored, individual solutions. Thanks to her high emotional intelligence, she is able to build effective communication bridges and foster sustainable relationships. She excels in external and internal processes with high commitment to professionalism.

“We operate from the perspective of our customers to achieve the optimal solution for them.”

We bundle necessary key competencies, persistently pursue common goals, and offer a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Our commitment to responsibility is as inherent as our dedication to customer satisfaction. In summary, we offer consulting services that are objective, trustworthy, and exceptionally perceptive.

Bettina Goldmann

Head of Research

Bettina Goldmann, specialized in managing national and international recruitment projects, is an accomplished expert with extensive professional experience in the field of Executive Search. With long-standing expertise spanning various industries, including the pharmaceutical sector, her career demonstrates a high success rate in identifying and placing professionals and executives. Her strength lies in building a comprehensive network of candidates. Pronounced communication skills and empathy greatly aid her in this process, enabling her to establish trustworthy relationships between clients and candidates.

“Research thrives on creativity and individuality.”

Our tailored solutions demonstrate our deep understanding of the needs and requirements of both companies and candidates. We promote the sustainable development of our clients’ businesses and help candidates achieve professional fulfillment – empathetically, eloquently, efficiently.



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